Originally established as part of the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office, in 2016 CCVSAR became a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In 2016 alone, we responded to 28 incidents where someone in the backcountry was hurt, lost, or missing, and they needed potentially life-saving help.

Today, our human and K9 rescuers, need your help.

Ground SAR

Search Dogs

Training and equipment is critical to our objective to rescue the lost, injured & missing.   We’re asking people like you for donations to help us fund our programs, so we can cover costs such as…

  • Training of our volunteers through local and regional training.  Hosting and attending regional training program builds skills and relationships with partner organizations ensure a well coordinated response to emergency incidents.
  • Equipment for our volunteers is a critical when we are responding to a call for help. Some of the current needs include communications, navigation, technical rescue, & personal protective equipment.
  • Food and equipment. In addition to feeding our dogs a healthy diet and giving them a good place to run and rest, K9 units also need protective equipment as well as kennels and other supplies for
  • Canine medical insurance. Costing approximately $37 per month with a $400 annual deductible, This insurance helps us ensure that if a dog is injured or develops an illness, we can provide proper medical care.
  • Canine SAR training with organizations such as the FEMA, & NSDA provides training to K9 units, but we have costs for travel and other expenses.


When faced with bad weather or life-threatening injuries, time is of the essence, and a well-trained and equipped rescue team buys us that time. Every second saved potentially saves a life.

Mail Checks to: CCVSAR, PO Box 196, Wentchee, WA 98807