The K9 Search and Rescue Unit  is a new search dog team that will be serving CCVSAR and the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office.  We have 1 handler and canine in training that are working hard toward operational certification by Jan 2017.

It takes thousands of hours and around $10,000 to purchase, care for, equip and train each new search dog. Donations are needed, please consider supporting our search dogs.

Search dogs are a valuable resource in searches for lost and missing persons. Handlers must be dedicated and highly skilled.  Likewise their dogs must be hard working and well-trained.

K9 Aspen, CGCA, CGCU 

Matt_AspenAspen is a Yellow Labrador Retriever training for Wilderness Air-Scent.  Her handler Matt Kozma has been a SAR volunteer since 1997.  Matt is the CCVSAR Vice President, K9 Unit Leader, and is also Ground SAR and Mountain Rescue qualified.